General Questions
Current and Prospective Students
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General Questions

Why become Delaware Valley University?

  • The change to university status aligns with DelVal’s structure and breadth of academic offerings, which now include six master’s programs and a doctoral degree.

What are the benefits of becoming a university? 

  • Becoming a university allows for growth in new degree programs, increases the visibility of the institution, makes it attractive to international students and faculty, and reflects the quality and diversity of our academic offerings.

What are the benefits specifically for undergraduates? Graduates? Doctoral students?

  • For undergraduate students planning to achieve their master's or doctoral degrees at an institution other than DelVal, graduating from a university may prove helpful on the application to graduate school. For doctoral students, it is characteristic that they would be receiving their degree from a university since granting doctorates is a hallmark of a university, not a college. For all students, there is an added measure of prestige in graduating from a university.

How does a college become a university?

  • University status is recognition from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and peer universities that DelVal is an institution that should be recognized at this higher level. PDE only grants university status after ensuring that the college meets the required criteria. This “stamp of approval” is not granted lightly and is something we should all be proud of. 

When do we become Delaware Valley University?

  • Officially, we already are Delaware Valley University, doing business as Delaware Valley College. To take the time to make the transition successful and to ensure that students are on campus to celebrate university status, we have chosen an important day in our campus history to make the transition -- Founders' Day (April 8, 2015). Marking the change on this day, will give us the opportunity  to honor the past as we look to the future of the institution.

When will new signage, logo displays, publications and the website reflect the change?

  • A large number of items will be replaced to Delaware Valley University on April 8. We will use the remainder of the year to transition all other items.

Current and Prospective Students

If I'm graduating in May 2015, what will my diploma say?

  • Students completing their program of study in May 2015 will graduate from Delaware Valley University. As a courtesy, the registrar’s office is allowing those students to choose to receive either a “Delaware Valley College” or “Delaware Valley University” diploma. Selection for diploma will be made on the graduation application in January 2015. Students completing their program of study prior to May 2015 will be issued a Delaware Valley College diploma.

Will a change in our status impact our admission standards?

  • Admission standards will not change as a direct result of our designation as a university.

Will a change in our status affect our small class size? Personal attention to students? Core values?

  • As Delaware Valley College, we were a small, teaching-focused institution, focusing on student-faculty relationships and a commitment to experiential learning. We valued interdisciplinary study as a vital dimension of preparation that enables our graduates to thrive in a global economy. None of that changes for Delaware Valley University.

Does the status change increase student tuition and fees?

  • No. DelVal will remain an institution that is largely dependent upon tuition and fees; however, the change to university status will not cause an increase in tuition and fees across the board.

Is financial aid impacted?

  • No. The same forms, procedures and standards for applying for and receiving financial aid will remain the same.

Faculty and Staff

What is the process for ordering business cards? Letterhead?

  • The process for ordering business cards will remain relatively the same. We will be transitioning to a new vendor. New business cards will be available to order online after April 8. New letterhead will be available for all offices via purchasing after April 8.

What if I need business cards before April 8?

  • All business card orders will be suspended between March 1 and April 8. If it is imperative that you order business cards between now and March 1, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications to order a quantity of 75.

What if I have Delaware Valley College letterhead? Can I still use it after April 8?

  • Offices that are communicating with prospective students should transition immediately to new letterhead after April 8. All other offices may continue to use their "Founded 1896" letterhead until their supply has been depleted or until December 31, 2015. After January 1, 2016, all Delaware Valley College letterhead, business cards, publications, etc. should be recycled. Items using the cupola or previous versions of the College logo or College seal are to be immediately recycled and/or destroyed.

How should I answer the phone between now and April 8?

  • If you typically answer the phone with the greeting of "Delaware Valley College," begin transitioning by simply using "DelVal."

When can I have access to the new logo to order merchandise for giveaways or fundraisers?

  • The new logo will be available for wide-spread use on April 13. If you have needs to create something for use after After April, but a production deadline before April 8, please contact Sarah Boyle in the Office of Marketing and Communications. She may be able to work directly with your vendor to meet your needs, while still maintaining the confidentiality of the new logo.

Should I change my email signature now?

  • Until April 8, please keep Delaware Valley College in your email signature.k You may add the following statement, in italics, under your current signature: "Have you heard? Delaware Valley College becomes Delaware Valley University on April 8, 2015!"

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        Have you heard? Delaware Valley College becomes Delaware Valley University on April 8, 2015!


What does it mean for alumni?

  • Alumni can feel a renewed sense of pride that their alma mater has achieved university status. 

If I graduated in the class of 2014 or prior, am I a graduate of Delaware Valley College or Delaware Valley University? What should I put on my resume?

  • It is customary to use the name of the institution at the time of your graduation. However, if you graduated from Delaware Valley College, you may indicate the name change on your resume by including "now known as Delaware Valley University" in parenthesis after the name Delaware Valley College.

If I graduated before 2014, will I be able to get a Delaware valley University diploma?

  • Yes! We are working out the logistics and will update you soon.