Christopher Adams ’19 was drawn to the unique collaboration between life sciences and agriculture when he chose Delaware Valley University. What he got out of DelVal was hands-on experience, faculty mentorship and a job waiting for him when he graduates this May.

“My favorite part of the University is the faculty,” said Adams. “The professors help in all aspects of education. These professors have helped me to grow as a scientist and a professional.”

Adams, a biology major with a specialization in microbiology/biotechnology, is passionate about science and what it means to be human. He came to DelVal wanting to achieve academic excellence, but also to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to him. A DelVal Rambassador, Chris is also a member of the biology club, a science tutor, and a peer mentor for first year students.

He found the biggest advantage at DelVal to be the hands-on learning of the Experience360 Program.

“The hands-on experiences have helped me have a base of knowledge for my field,” Adams said. “I have found that learning information is great, but applying the information to a hands-on experiment is much more satisfying.”

As part of the Experience360 Program, Adams participated in two internships.

“My first internship was at Janssen Pharmaceuticals of Johnson and Johnson. There I was studying the correlations between the gut microbiome (bacteria) and Irritable Bowel Disease,” said Adams. “I got my first taste of real research there and realized that was where I eventually wanted to end up.”

Adams’ second internship was with a small biotech company that works primarily with viruses and cancer. As a result of his good work there, Chris was offered a position in the lab conducting research for them. He has accepted the full-time position, excited to gain skills to apply to the rest of his career.

After a few years on the job, Chris plans to attend graduate school with the hopes of working within a large pharmaceutical company.

“My final career goal is to become a professor to be able to teach and influence students like myself to become passionate scientists,” he said.