2019 Delaware Valley University Grad Fair

Hosted by the Delaware Valley University Bookstore
Thursday, February 28th 10:00AM to 6:00PM and Friday March 1st 10:00 to 4:00

Welcome to the DelVal Graduation Fair where graduates will order their graduation attire (Cap/Tassel, Gown and Hood), Custom Personalized Announcements and accessories, “Framing Success” Diploma Frames and College Rings. A Herff Jones Representative and Bookstore staff will be available to assist the graduates with their orders. All graduation attire, Custom Personalized Announcement orders will be submitted electronically. “Framing Success” Diploma Frames are available for purchase at the Bookstore. College Ring orders will be taken personally during the Grad Fair.

For those graduates that are not able to attend the grad fair they can order on-line.
All graduation products are available for purchase here!

  1. Graduates do not pay for their Cap, Gown, Tassel and Hood
  2. Graduates need to submit their Cap, Gown Tassel and Hood order prior to 11:59PM March 19th. As of March 20th the Cap and Gown site will be closed!
  3. Graduates have 2 Options when ordering: Order just your Cap and Gown, Tassel and Hood or, you can “SAVE” when you order a GradPACK! GradPacks include the Cap, Gown, Tassel and Hood and Announcement Products and Framing Success Diploma Frames all in one order! 4 different Packages to choose from!
  4. Graduates will receive an electronic receipt when they place their online order!
  5. When ordering a GradPack the students will pay with a credit/debit card for the Announcement product and or the Diploma Frame.
  6. Announcement orders will be delivered within 4 weeks from ordering date to the address indicated on the order. NO P.O. BOXS PLEASE!
  7. Graduates who order a Framing Success Diploma Frame in a GradPack will receive their Frame at the cap and gown distribution event. Please show you electronic receipt to the Herff Jones Rep or Bookstore Manager.
  8. College Rings will also be available during the 2-day GradFair. All metal qualities will be discounted!



GradPack #1 GradPack #2 GradPack #3 GradPack #4

Cap, Gown, Tassel Hood
25 Announcements
25 Envelope Seals
Regular Price: $66.90
Discounted Price: $56.90
Save $10.00

Cap,Gown,Tassel, Hood
25 Announcements
25 envelope Seals
Windsor Diploma Frame
Regular Price: $221.90
Discount Price: $206.90
Save $15.00

25 Announcements
25 Envelope Seals
Windsor LSB Diploma Frame
Regular Price: $281.90
Discounted price: $261.90
Save $20.00

Classic Diploma Frame
Regular Price: $145
Discounted price: $135.00
Save $10.00

Purchase items individually

25 Custom Personalized Announcements Includes 25 inner & outer envelopes $59.95
5 additional Custom Personalized Announcements (includes inner & outer Envelopes) $12.00
Announcement Cover (Souvenir Cover) $7.99
Traditional Appreciation Gift (Certificate only) $8.95
Premium Appreciation Gift Certificate & Cover $17.95
Thank You Notes (25) $15.95
Envelope Seal (25) $6.95
Personal Notes (50) $28.95
Tissue Inserts (25) $6.95
Return Address Labels (60) $13.95

Pre-Order Flowers For Commencement

All online orders will be available for pickup on site the day of the graduation.

Jack Mazak, Herff Jones Sales Representative Office: 215-997-1435 Email: jmmaz0468@icloud.com