The Choices Program is designed to help a select number of first year students improve their academic skills and performance. As part of the program, each student receives a personalized curriculum and a tailored academic load, as well as access to the Choices Coordinator who serves as both instructor and academic counselor.

Every Choices student is required to take the Learning Strategies course that is offered in the fall semester. Those students in good academic standing at the end of the first semester may be permitted to choose a new major at that time.

Choices Seminar is offered in the spring to those students who may need some additional academic support. Only students who have completed Learning Strategies are eligible to take this course.

The goal of both courses is to supply each student with the tools needed to assist them in having a successful college experience. Some focal points may include:

  • Accessing college resources
  • Active reading
  • Critical Thinking
  • Note Taking
  • Personal academic responsibilities
  • Stress management
  • Test taking
  • Time management
  • Career exploration

Students enrolled in the Choices Program may need more than eight semesters of study to qualify for graduation.