What is ACT 101?

The Higher Education Equal Opportunity Program (ACT 101) was established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1971. Institutions participating in the program recruit highly motivated students who show the potential to succeed in college, with additional support (counseling and tutoring). The goal of ACT 101 is to help these institutions provide opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional students seeking a college education.

Who is Eligible?

ACT 101 participants are chosen on the basis of their academic potential and motivation. To be eligible for program services, students must be full-time residents of Pennsylvania and must meet certain economic criteria.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are fundamental to the ACT 101 program. The program provides counseling services that assist students in realizing their personal and educational goals. The ACT 101 counselors work individually or in groups to provide help in the following areas:

  • Personal counseling/crisis intervention
  • Orientation to college and the ACT 101 program
  • Assistance in career planning and decision making
  • Assistance in values clarification and self-concept development
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Monitoring of student progress
  • Lounge and Resource Center that provides computer station, photocopying, study area, TV/VCR, and textbook library

Tutorial Services

The ACT 101 program includes a strong tutorial component. The tutoring services are available on a walk-in basis or by appointment for all ACT 101 students. The tutorial coordinator works individually or in groups to provide help in the following areas:

  • Basic skills in reading and writing
  • Organizing study groups
  • Individualized help with specific courses
  • Study skills courses and workshops
  • Time Management

Summer Program

ACT 101 provides a special summer component to all incoming freshmen. Services include tutoring and counseling, with an emphasis on time management, study skills, adjustment to college life and information on campus and community. The summer program is linked to a variety of ACT 101 activities that are offered throughout the academic year.

Cultural Activities Program

The program assists ACT 101 students in developing an awareness of the many cultural activities available in the tri-state area. ACT 101 sponsors trips to plays, concerts, art exhibits, and historic sites.

If you have questions or need additional information about the ACT 101 program, please visit our office on the third floor of Segal Hall or call 215-489-2451.

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