The campus roads are used for pedestrian and vehicular traffic it is necessary that all vehicles be operated at or below the posted speed limit of 15 m.p.h. at all times. Due to limited parking spaces on campus, all vehicles must be registered with the Public Safety and Security Office. There is an $80 fee for student parking and a hang tag is issued. 

A hang tag does not guarantee a parking space; it only allows you access to a designated parking area. Parking hang tags will not be issued to persons with delinquent fines unless payment for all charges accompanies the permit application.

Student Parking Lots

  • Lot A - Main lot located adjacent to the Welcome Center
  • Lot B - Located behind the student center
  • Lot C - In front of the Life Sciences Building (parking in "Marked Spaces" only; no parking on the grass at any time)
  • Lot D - Located by the practice soccer field on Campus Loop Road.
  • Lot E - Located on Field Lane by the athletic fields

First-year/freshman students are not permitted to possess motor vehicles on campus. Exceptions to the policy are granted according to a set of strict guidelines established by the University. Freshman and first-year students requesting an exception to the policy must submit the Freshman Parking Form prior to bringing the vehicle on campus. This policy does not apply to first-year/freshman who are commuter students. 

Students are not permitted to park in Staff or Faculty lots at any time, unless authorized by proper signage. 

Fines and Penalties

Fines are to be paid at the Public Safety and Security Office within 30 days of issuance. Students who accumulate two or more unpaid tickets are subject to being booted. Unpaid tickets will be forwarded to the Office of the Bursar for collection. Student accounts will be placed on hold until the fines have been paid. 

Parked in no-parking space/area $20.00
Parked in reserved or
designated space

Blocking driveway or access

Fraudulent permit/hangtag $100.00
 Stealing/theft of traffic signs $250.00
 Reckless driving  
     1st Offense $30.00
     2nd Offense $50.00 and 10 hours of contributory service
     3rd Offense $100.00 and 25 hours of contributory service and disciplinary probation for one semester


You may appeal receipt of a ticket by obtaining a traffic appeal form in the Public Safety and Security Office. Procedures for filing an appeal are outlined in the student handbook.

A more detailed explanation of traffic controls and regulations can be found in the Delaware Valley University student handbook.