Thirteen men have guided the institution known today as Delaware Valley College.

From its humble beginnings in 1986 as the National Farm School to its current status as a comprehensive college on the cusp of a university, DelVal has been guided by the vision and leadership of its presidents. Read more to learn about each of these men and their tenure as president of Delaware Valley College.

Joseph Krauskopf*
Founder and President, 1896-1923

Harry B. Hirsch*

Herbert D. Allman*

Harold B. Allen*
President, 1939-1943

Louis Nusbaum*

James Work*
President, 1946-1974
Chancellor, 1974-1977

Winton Tolles*
Acting President, 1974-1975

Joshua Feldstein
President, 1975-1987
President Emeritus, 1987
Interim President, 1994-1995, 1995-1997

William H. Rorer III*

Herman Silverman
Acting President, 1990-1991

George F. West

William L. George

Thomas C. Leamer
President, 1997-2007
President Emeritus, 2007


* deceased