Determine who will be the primary person responsible for updating and monitoring your site. This person will serve as your point of contact and must be willing to participate in social media on a daily basis.

The account you create will represent your department and the College. You must first secure the approval of your supervisor or dean, as well as the Office of Marketing and Communications. (You will need to add a member of the Marcom team to your page administrator preferences. Marcom will provide your site with the brand-aligned avatar.)
(Why are you participating in social media?) Spend time determining what you want to accomplish on social media. Follow others similar to you. Define what you do and do not like. This understanding will serve as a basis to define your own identity.
Create a profile name that clearly and concisely identifies your program and its DelVal affiliation. A Facebook account may read “DelVal [insert name]” or “Delaware Valley College [insert name].” A Twitter account may read @DelVal[insert name].
Once your site is up and running, you will find some content is popular, some is ignored, and some is just plain cumbersome. All social media tools come with easy-to-use tracking tools, so you can see which posts are viewed and shared most, which generate comments, etc. Be prepared to re-align your strategy in response to who is viewing your site and how they are doing so. What statistics are meaningful to you (number of hits, attendance, page likes, comments, etc.?) What tools will you use to measure success? (Hootsuite, Sprout Social,, Facebook insights, etc.)