As we begin the 2015 fund year, we thank all of those that have given to The DelVal Fund in the past.  We also want to remind you that we will continue to reach out to alumni, parents and friends for support of The DelVal Fund as we continue through the years. As Dr. Brosnan frequently points out, the country's best colleges all boast three things - high unrestricted giving, high alumni participation and a large endowment. The DelVal Fund provides an annual stream of income that serves as the fuel that runs the college. Each year these funds must be replenished in order to meet the needs of scholarship, academic program needs and facilities upgrades. As the strategic planning process moves forward the support of alumni, parents and friends will be a vital part of keeping the college strong.

Make a Gift to DelVal

As we continue the conversation with alumni, parents, friends and donors about the importance of unrestricted giving to the college, we have been asked some great questions about the DelVal Fund. We attempt to answer some of these questions below and hope that you find these answers helpful as you plan your charitable giving.

How can I make a gift to the DelVal Fund?

Gifts to the college can be made in a number of ways:

  • You can make a one-time gift online through our secure server by clicking here or by clicking the green "Give Now" button above located next to the DelVal Fund logo. You can also schedule a recurring gift online by setting up a monthly, quarterly or yearly gift to be charged directly to your credit card.
  • You may send a gift through the mail in response to one of the direct mail pieces that you may receive throughout the year. 
  • You may also send a gift directly to the Annual Fund Office at 700 E. Butler Ave., Doylestown, PA 18901.
  • You may give a gift over the phone to a student caller through the annual fall or spring phonathon. 
  • You may contact the Annual Fund Office directly at 215-489-4830.

If you have questions about The DelVal Fund or how you can get involved as a volunteer, you can contact Jennifer Rock, the Executive Director of Development at or by phone at 215-489-4830.

What does the DelVal Fund support?

The DelVal Fund is the Annual Fund. Gifts to this fund provide immediate support to every part of the DelVal experience. From scholarship funds that allow students to attend DelVal, to facilities costs that help to maintain the structures in which students live, work and play and to the recruitment and retention of the best faculty to provide the unique DelVal experience - all of these are supported by the DelVal Fund.

What is a fund year?

The fund year is the date range in which we count gifts received by the college. Because gifts are figured into the overall college budget, the fund year runs along with the budget year. At DelVal, a fund year runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

I like to give to the department I graduated from; doesn't this help the college?

All gifts to the college are sincerely appreciated and put to use. Gifts to departments help to meet specific needs within those departments. However, gifts to the DelVal Fund allow the college to allocate funds where they are most needed and can make an immediate impact. If you wish to support a specific department and are able to make a second gift to the college, please consider the importance of a gift to the DelVal Fund.

What is alumni participation and what does it mean for the college?

Alumni participation represents the percentage of alumni who support the college. This number is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the percentage of alumni who support the college illustrates alumni confidence in the institution. Alumni participation is also factored into national college rankings. Finally, alumni participation is considered by foundations and government agencies who provide assistance to colleges in the form of grants.