WebAdvisor is a system that permits you to access your academic information from your computer.  Some of the options available are:  print your class schedule, check your grades, print unofficial transcripts of your grades, review the master schedule of classes, print program evaluations, review financial aid information, register for classes, and pay bills online. 

New students receive a letter containing their portal user name and password; this is also your WebAdvisor login.  User names and passwords should be kept confidential.  Since this user name is also a single sign-on for WebAdvisor and Blackboard, anyone with this information will have access to your academic records.

To access WebAdvisor, log in to the DelVal Portal. Then click on the WebAdvisor tab and choose an option from the menu on the left side of the screen.

If you have any questions about WebAdvisor, please contact the Help Desk at 215.489.HELP (215.489.4357) or email Webadvisor@delval.edu.