Telephone Support is provided by our Telecommunications Department. Below you will find documentation on the features of campus phones, instructions on how to use the DelVal voice mail system, and whom to contact for assistance with telephone issues.


Telephone Support Help Line: x-4357 (H-E-L-P)

Email for Telephone

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are provided on campus to help ensure the safety of our students and staff. Below is a map indicating the location of campus emergency phones.

Emergency Phone Locations

To use the phone in an emergency, simply press the large red button. When the button is pressed an emergency call is automatically sent to the Public Safety and Security Office. When the button is pressed, a blue strobe light will also begin to flash overhead. The strobe light will continue to flash until the call is terminated.

When the Public Safety Office answers your call you will hear their voice coming from the call box or tower. Please speak clearly and state your emergency. Emergency assistance will be dispatched immediately for every activation of the phone.

For the hearing impaired, a "Call Received" LED light will illuminate.
For the visually impaired students, a Braille "Help" tag is located just below the large red button.
All of the telephones are mounted at an accessible height to accommodate all users and are ADA compliant.

Please remember that these phones are to be used for Emergencies Only.

Emergency Phone Locations

  • Admissions Parking Lot, near walkway - Yellow call-box
  • Alumni Lane, between South Hall and Goldman Hall - Green Emergency Tower
  • Berkowitz Hall, at the corner of Campus Loop Rd. - Yellow call-box
  • Centennial Hall, near parking lot - Yellow call-box
  • D-Lot, along the pedestrian walk-way - Yellow call-box
  • Equestrian Center, parking lot entrance - Yellow call-box
  • Lake Archer - Green Emergency Tower
  • Mandell Science Bldg. (rear of building near parking lot) - Yellow call-box
  • New Britain Classrooms - Yellow call-box
  • South Hall, rear of building along Campus Loop Rd. - Yellow call-box

Residence Hall Phones

All campus residence hall rooms have an analog telephone that provides local, toll-free and 911 calling. You must dial 9 to reach an outside line. Student telephones do not have voicemail or long distance service. Answering machines may be connected for receiving messages. Students may use cell phones or toll-free calling cards for long distance service.