There are many printers available on campus for your use. We would like you to have the best experience possible, and will gladly help if you have any issues. Here is some advice to help you solve common printing problems. If you encounter a problem you cannot fix or are unsure, please let the Help Desk know as soon as possible so we can help you or repair the problem promptly.

Q. I hit print but nothing is happening.

A. Usually when this happens there is a print job stuck in the printer's queue. To check, click on Start -> Settings -> Printers and Faxes (or just Start -> Printers & Faxes depending on what type of start menu). You should then see a list of all printers installed. Double click on the one you are trying to use and it should bring up a box listing items in the queue. If you see jobs in a Failed state, they will hold up your print until cleared. You can either Right Click on them and choose Cancel, or if there are many, you can go to the menu and use Printer -> Cancel All Documents.

Do not keep hitting Print, you will only add duplicate items to the queue and back it up more. Do not press the GO button on the printer, that will only print a test page.

If you cannot clear a failed print job, please call the Help Desk and we can attempt to clear it remotely. We monitor the printer queues throughout the day and do our best to keep them clear.

Q. My laser print-out is faded or has a streak.

A. This usually happens when the toner is low or too old. You can open the printer's lid and take the toner out and shake it side to side. This usually loosens up the toner and allows a few more pages to be printed clearly.

We can monitor some, but not all toner levels remotely, and the rest manually, time permitting. If there is low toner or ink please let us know so it can be replaced as soon as possible.

Q. The printer is jammed (orange light flashing).

A. For a laser printer, you can open the lid and remove the toner to access the paper path. There is also a door in the back of most printers that can be opened. If you used the bottom tray, you can check inside there as well. Generally, is easier to remove a paper jam by pulling gently and slowly instead of trying to rip the paper out.

If you cannot clear the jam or are not comfortable doing so, please contact the Help Desk right away so we can repair the printer quickly.

Q. I put paper in the printer, and someone else's job started printing!

A. If someone tried to print, and there was no paper or the paper ran out, it will resume the next time paper is put in. You can hit the cancel button on the printer to stop it (press it several times in case there are multiple jobs). Sometimes it helps to hit cancel before you put paper in, just in case. You can also check the queue for waiting jobs as outlined in the first question of the FAQ.

Q. I tried to print and an error came up.

A. Depending on the error there could be several problems. Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the network. If you are printing a document you opened from a web page, try saving it to desktop first, then open it for printing. if you are unsure, please contact the Help Desk and we will help you with specific problems.