This documentation assumes that you are configuring your iPhone for the first time to connect with Del Val’s exchange email server. Note: You can only have one (1) Exchange Server email account set up on your iPhone.

  1. From the home screen, touch the “SETTINGS” icon.

  2. At the “SETTINGS” menu screen, touch the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section to enter email setup.

  3. Next, select “Add Account…”

  4. Choose, “Microsoft Exchange” to enter your email account information.

  5. Complete your user account information within the text fields:

    Domain: Not Required
    Username: (Note: NOT
    Password: Your email/network account password
    Description: Optional (i.e. DVC Mail)

    (This step can take several minutes.)

    After entering your user account information, touch “Next” to continue…

    You will then be asked to put it the server name.

  6. Your iPhone also supports synchronization of your exchange contacts and calendar information as it also appears within your Outlook email client. If you want to synchronize Contacts and Calendars touch the "ON" button.

  7. You will be required to create a passcode for your iPhone if you have not already does so. This is NOT a password for your email account; it is a passcode for the phone itself. Because of the sensitive nature of emails on an Exchange Server, your iPhone will only allow you to have an account on your phone if you use a passcode.
  8. The transfer time will vary the first time your iPhone synchronizes with the exchange email server depending on the amount of data you have.

    Should you experience any technical issues, please contact the Helpdesk at or you may phone the helpdesk at 215-489-4357 (or Ext. 4357).

To Update Your Mail Password

  • Your iPhone will sync your email account automatically with the DVC Exchange Server. When your DVC email/network password expires you will not be notified through your iPhone.
  • When you logon on campus and are notified to change your password, please do so as normal.
  • Once your password has been changed on campus, you will get an error message on your iPhone when you try to access your DVC email. Your iPhone may take up to a few days to sync and tell you that your password is incorrect.
    (This only means that it needs to know the new password you created on campus.)
  • Enter the new password on your iPhone that you created on campus.
  • Note: You CANNOT change your email password through your iPhone; you can only update it to match the password you created on campus.