Technology & Library Services at Delaware Valley College is responsible for the academic and administrative computing areas, the College network, and telephones.  A copy of the College's Acceptable Use Policy is included in the Student Handbook, which all students receive at the beginning of the semester. 

Many incoming students and parents have questions about technology on campus.  We have tried to answer the most common questions below. If you have any other questions, please contact the Help Desk by calling 215.489.4357, e-mailing us at, or stopping by our office in the basement of the Feldman Building.

Do I need to bring a computer to campus?

Having your own personal computer is not a requirement at Delaware Valley College; however, a computer can be a very useful resource.  Bringing your own computer allows you to take advantage of DelVal's Internet connection, if you choose to connect your computer to DelVal's network.  Any computer connected to the network must have current virus protection software, which must be updated regularly.  If you do not have virus protection software on your computer, DelVal provides Sophos Antivirus software.  Students can download this software from DelVal's server once their computer is connected to the network.  To protect your computer, we recommend that you have a good surge protector and lock.  DelVal now requires a Fire Shield® Surge Protector for use in residence halls.  No other brand is acceptable.  These surge protectors can be purchased at the DelVal Bookstore. 

I want to get a computer to bring to campus.  What kind should I get?  Should I get a desktop or a laptop computer?

You can get any brand of IBM-compatible computer (Dell, HP, etc.) or MAC.  Whether you get a desktop or laptop computer is really up to you and what you prefer.  Our recommended configuration for a new computer is a Core I5 or better with at least 4gb memory and 160gb hard drive (or larger), running Windows 7.  Computers can be purchased online through the Dell Student Computing Initiative at a discounted price (  If you are interested in connecting your computer to DelVal’s network, you will need a network card and CAT5 cable, or a wireless card.  Since you will not know what length CAT5 cable you will need until you see your room, we recommend that you wait until you are on campus to purchase it.  CAT5 cables are available at the DelVal Bookstore.  TCS is not staffed or equipped to repair students’ personal computers. 

What software should I have on my computer?

The software used on computers on campus is Microsoft Office 2010 Pro (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access).  This is also the software taught in the computer classes.  If you do not have Office 2010, you can purchase it online through the  Microsoft Student Select program at a discounted student price.  Information about the Microsoft Student Select program is available on the Technology Services web page (, Technology).  All computers connected to the College network must have virus protection software.  If you do not have virus protection software on your computer, DelVal provides Sophos Antivirus software at no cost.  Students can download this software from DelVal’s server once their computer is connected to the network. 

How do I connect my computer to DelVal's network?  Is there a wireless network on campus?

Delaware Valley College has network connections in rooms in all residence halls on campus. There is also a wireless network in all residence halls and many other areas on campus (if you are using a wired connection, you will need to fill out a Dorm Jack Activation Form, found on the Portal under Departments/Student Help Desk).  If you are bringing your personal computer to campus, you have the option of connecting to DelVal’s network.  Connecting your computer to the network will give you access to the Internet, library resources, and the student file server, but it will not give you access to software packages, which are licensed for use on DelVal computers only.  In addition to the residence halls, the wireless network is currently available in the Library, Mandell Hall first floor, Feldman Building first floor, the Commuter Lounge, Pub and APR in the Student Center.  Outdoor wireless is available in the quad in front of Work Hall, the courtyard at the Student Center, and in front of Feldman.

If I don't have my own computer, are there computers I can use on campus?  Are there printers available?

There are over 150 computers available on campus for student use, all connected to DelVal's network.  There are three  computer labs on campus -- Feldman 101, Feldman 103, and Allman 204 - which are open for general use Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. when there are no classes scheduled for the rooms.  A room schedule is posted near the door of each room.  In addition, the Commuter Lounge and Miller Hall are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  The Library has many computers and laptops and a dedicated MAC lab.  There are also computers in some residence hall lounges.  Networked printers are located in each area.  Printers and scanners are located in the computer labs and 24 hour computer rooms.

What software is on DelVal's computers?  Do they have Internet access?

All computers connected to DelVal's network (computer labs, 24 hour computer room, library, residence hall lounges) have Internet access using Internet Explorer.  The computers are running Windows XP or Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010.  Other software packages (AutoCAD, Visual Studio, Photoshop, etc.) are installed in specific computer labs.

Does DelVal have a portal?

The college’s campus portal, Inside DelVal , is the main source of inside information at DelVal.  The portal gives current students, faculty and staff the ability to perform a variety of functions such as the following all in one place:  review campus, club and other community announcements, search for events and latest happenings on campus, find/post items for sale, retrieve documents, forms and other resources as well as a place to connect and interact with others through discussion boards, blogs & chat rooms. 

Students will receive a letter containing their portal user name and password.  PLEASE DO NOT THROW THIS LETTER AWAY.  Please keep your user name and password confidential.  Since this user name is also a single sign-on for WebAdvisor and Blackboard, anyone with this information will have access to your academic records.

What is WebAdvisor?  Can I register or see my grades online?

WebAdvisor is a system that permits you to access your academic information from your computer.  Some of the options available are:  print your class schedule, print unofficial transcripts of your grades, review the master schedule of classes, print program evaluations, review financial aid information, register for classes, and pay bills online.  New/transfer students may not register or add/drop Fall 2011 classes using WebAdvisor.  All changes to your Fall 2011 schedule must be made at the Registrar’s Office.  WebAdvisor is accessed through the portal.   

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is DelVal’s e-learning platform for the delivery of course materials via the web. Some instructors supplement an on-campus class by putting their syllabus and handouts on Blackboard. Other courses may be conducted entirely through Blackboard, without any on-campus sessions. If you are enrolled in a course that uses Blackboard, be sure to find out how it will be used in that course.  Blackboard is accessed through the portal.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Course access is typically not available until the first day of class; Blackboard will appear to be unavailable until that time.

Will I have a network login and email account?

All full time students will receive a network login and DelVal e-mail account.  Students will receive a letter containing their network login, mailbox name and instructions on accessing mail.  PLEASE DO NOT THROW THIS LETTER AWAY.  Students will need to use their network login when using college computers.  Student e-mail accounts can be accessed on computers connected to DelVal's network or from off campus through the portal.  Many students have other e-mail accounts through various providers.  However, all students should check their DelVal e-mail account regularly, as offices and faculty contact students via these accounts.  Notices of scheduled network and server maintenance are announced via e-mail and the portal.  E-mail accounts are not backed up, and DelVal cannot be responsible for lost e-mail messages.

Will I have a telephone in my residence hall room?

All residence hall rooms have an analog telephone provided for on campus, local, toll free, and 911 calling.  You must dial 9 for an outside line.  Student telephones do not have voicemail or long distance service.  Answering machines may be connected for receiving messages.  Students may use cell phones or calling cards (that use toll free numbers) for long distance service.  Instructions on using the phone can be found at, Technology.