The following forms are specific to Technology and Client Services (TCS)

  • Service Call Request - use this form to report problems with technology - computer, printer, projector, etc.
  • Equipment Reservation Form - use this form to request audio/visual equipment for your meeting or event.
  • Employee Access / Folder Permission Authorization - this form is used to request access to network folders, to create a network/email account, or to create a VPN account
  • TCS Feedback Form - use this form to offer suggestions or comments to the Technology and Client Services Staff.
  • Email Retention for Former Employees - this form is used for former employees to transfer of forward email
  • TCS Employee Recogniton Form - Please help recognize individual Technology and Client Services staff and teams who have provided the College, your clients, or you personally, with work or service of exceptional quality. Such efforts might include very high quality or levels of service, a savings of time or money, or the promotion of creativity or problem solving