Facility Planning & Construction
Contact: Ted Staniewicz

The Department of Facility Planning and Construction acts as the representative on design and management of all construction projects, including new buildings, renovations and site work on the Delaware Valley College campus. The department is responsible for coordinating the efforts of professionals involved with the buildings, grounds, architectural and engineering aspects of the College.

It is the commitment of this department to work with other departments and vendors to construct and renovate buildings to create and maintain a safe, educationally-based and physically-sound environment that is cost effective.

To the left, please find a list of projects that are in progress or have been recently completed. For your safety, it is important that no one enter construction areas without proper supervision and safety equipment. To arrange a tour of your area that is under construction, please contact our office to set up a time, to receive proper safety equipment and to arrange to have an escort take you through your area.

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to helping you with your construction projects that will enhance the educational experience of our students.