This one- to three-credit course is designed to introduce students to philosophies and techniques of discipline specific research methodologies and critical thinking. Research projects are supervised by individual faculty members who provide direction and focus for students. The course will culminate with a 10-minute presentation of each research project accompanied by a poster.


  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7
  • Sophomore status and above
  • Approval of the supervising professor, the student’s academic advisor, and the department chair of the supervising professor and department chair of the student
  • Approval of the Student Research Committee

Student Research can be taken for 1-3 credits depending on the individual project and the hours planned to spend working on the project each week.

Hours per week will vary depending on the credits registered for:

  • 1 credit = 45 hours/semester
  • 2 credits = 90 hours/semester
  • 3 credits = 135 or more hours/semester


  1. Secure a faculty mentor to discuss research project idea(s) and the faculty mentor’s expectations and requirements.
  2. Review Student Research Policies and Guidelines. Make sure to check out the prerequisites to make sure you meet the requirements!
  3. Finalize research proposal idea
  4. If the project involves the use of animals, contact Becky Hughes for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) forms and submit forms to Dr. Kathy Ponnock for approval. If the project involves human subjects, submit relevant Institutional Review Board (IRB) forms found on the campus portal and submit to Chair of IRB.
    • Please allow for 2-4 weeks for approval before proposal deadline (see below).
  5. Complete Research Proposal (see sample here) which must include:
    • Title page with proposal title, student’s name and mentor’s name
    • 1-2 pages describing the proposed project and rational
    • Project Timeline
    • Budget
    • Funding Requests - supplies not covered by your department
    • References
  6. Complete Student Research Proposal Application with all necessary approvals:
    • Your faculty mentor must sign your form verifying their mentorship
    • Your faculty mentor’s department chair must sign your form approving the faculty member’s participation
    • Your academic department chair must sign your form approving your participation
    • IRB / IACUC approval if applicable
      i. You must review and comply with all Student Research Program policies, procedures and expectations. Your signature on the proposal application indicates that you understand and agree to student research policies.
      ii. If you are seeking Experience360 credit in order to fulfill an E360 graduation requirement, or for DelVal Experience Transcript recognition:
           1. On proposal application, note if you are seeking E360 credit in order to fulfill a graduation requirement, or for DelVal Experience Transcript recognition.
           2. If yes, once approved, your proposal will be forwarded to the Center for Student Professional Development for E360 credit.
  7. Submit proposal application and proposal by the appropriate deadline to the student research coordinator, Dr. Cynthia Keler. Submit both an electronic copy via email at and hard-copy via mailbox: Mandell 113 or office: Mandell 224.
  8. The Student Research Committee will review your proposal for acceptance.* Once approved, you will then be registered for the course in WebAdvisor after your form is submitted. Please check WebAdvisor for verification.
  9. Attend Student Research meetings – see Student Research Policies and Guidelines for information on course requirements.

If two students are going to work on the same project:

  • Each student must submit their own proposal.
  • Each student should have a unique or distinct contribution to the project.
  • The amount of time spent individually by each student should match the contact hours for credit for that student.
  • Any questions concerning two students on the same project please contact either Elise Georgulis, Gary Fortier, or Ken Lee.


  • Fall semester -  April 20
  • Spring semester - November 20

*The Student Research Committee will then have 10 days to accept the proposal.

Questions? Contact Dr. Cynthia Keler, faculty coordinator of student research, at or Mandell 224.