Review your eBill to verify that your student information, charges and credits are correct.

Student Information

  • Student's Name and Address: Verify for accuracy
  • Student Accountholder #:
         DelVal assigned ID number
         Must know to transact most business with DelVal
  • Date: Date of billing statement
  • Term: Term(s) for which you are being billed


Balance Forward: Balance due from previous terms.

Fees Charged to All Students (Partial Listing):

  • Tuition: Charges for current term academic instruction. A flat rate applies to full-time students taking 12 through 19 credit.
  • Fees: Additional charges which could be required and charged to all students or fees charged to individual students due to participation in a particular activity.
  1. Student Activity Fee: Fee used to fund numerous extracurricular activities, including organizations, clubs, class funds, events, etc.
  2. Comprehensive Fee: Fee charged to and paid by all full time undergraduate students. The fee encompasses a variety of student services, including but not limited to technology, facilities, and student health and counseling services.

Fees Charged to Specific Student Popula​tions:

Contingency Deposit: Deposit charged to newly entering full-time students to guarantee payment for damage or loss of college property, library and parking fines or any similar penalties charged by the college. Any portion not used will be refunded 3 months after the student separates from the university.

Room: Student Housing

Board: Meal Plans, Commuter and Resident

Insurance: For Student Health Insurance, if not waived.

Equine: Students enrolled in Equine program.  Students not enrolled in equine program will pay a per course fee for some courses.


Payments: Any form of payment posted to a student account.

Credits: Usually designated with a description not as a payment. Often Financial Aid Awards

E-Bills prior to the start of the term may not indicate loans that have been certified, because the funding has not been received by the college until the start of the term. Therefore, they are not posted to the student's account.

Pending Financial Aid: This shows all aid that has not been disbursed to a student account, but is expected to be disbursed at a future date.

Total Balance Due

What is owed after Total Charges are reduced by Total Payments/Credits and Pending Financial Aid.

Bottom Remittance Section

If not paying online, print statement, and complete and enclose section with payment, please include Student ID/Accountholder # on check or money order and remit to:

Delaware Valley University
P.O. Box 64072
Souderton, Pa. 18964