DelVal has partnered with TouchNet to provide 24/7 online access to your account. Use TouchNet to view your real-time account balance, make a payment from a bank checking or savings account (also known as an ACH or eCheck payment) or with a credit card, save a payment method for future use, set up a direct deposit electronic refund account, enroll in a payment plan, opt in to paper tuition statements, and set up authorized users who can also access your account online.

Log in to TouchNet

Go to the TouchNet login page. (Students may also access TouchNet's login page on myDelVal, in the I Want To...Pay for College section, by clicking on View Account, Make a Payment, or Enroll in Payment Plan.)

  • Students: In the top Students and Staff login box, enter your DelVal student User ID and DelVal student password (the same credentials you use to access myDelVal).
  • Authorized Users: In the bottom Authorized Users login box, enter your Authorized User email and Authorized User password.

View your account balance online

On the TouchNet My Account page, you may view your real-time account balance.

  • Current Account Status section: Your overall account balance for all academic terms and including any non-term miscellaneous charges that may have been applied to your account. If you have pending financial aid, this section will show your balance before and after the pending aid. TouchNet calls pending aid "estimated aid."
  • Statements section: Displays the date and overall balance of your most recent tuition bill, as well as a "new bill" link to the eStatements tab. The Bill Amount will differ from the Student Account Balance above if there were any changes in your student account after the most recent eBill was posted.
  • Term Balances: Displays total tuition and academic fees for specific terms during which you were registered. A negative amount for a particular term means that the charges assigned by the system to that term were less than the credits assigned by the system to that term. A negative balance for a specific term does not necessarily indicate eligibility for a refund, because the system does not always zero out term balances and because your account may have been charged for miscellaneous fines or fees that do not appear in the Term Balances section (late payment fees, library fines, unreturned rental textbooks, locksmith charges are a few of the possible miscellaneous charges that may be assessed to a student's account). The balance after estimated aid in the Current Account Status section is the most complete picture of your overall account balance.

View your transaction details online

On the TouchNet My Account page, click on the View Account Activity button to access the Account Activity page.

  • View transactions by term dropdown list: Select the range of transactions that you wish to view and click the Select button. You may select a specific term to limit the number of transactions that display, or you may select "All" to view all transactions that have been applied to your account during your time at DelVal.

  • Estimated Financial Aid section: If you have pending financial aid, it will be listed here for the term that you selected.
  • Account Activity section: Displays each transaction for the term that you selected.

You may sort the transactions by Description, by Code, by Date, or by Amount by clicking on the desired column heading.

Make a payment online

On the TouchNet My Account page, click on the Make a Payment button or on the Payments tab to access the Account Payment page.

  • Click on Make a Payment.
  • On the Account Payment Amount page, you may choose to pay your overall account balance or to pay for a specific term.

Current account balance: If you select this option and enter your payment amount in the corresponding field, the system will allocate your payment to a default term designated in the system. It will not automatically credit your payment to a term with a balance. Your student account term balances will not necessarily zero out if you select this option when you make your payment. If you are paying miscellaneous charges on your account, you must select this option.

Pay by term: If you select this option, you can choose the term(s) to which your payment will be credited by selecting the checkbox(es) and typing the amount(s) in the corresponding field(s). This option will help to zero out your terms. However, you cannot pay miscellaneous charges in with the pay by term option. You must pay miscellaneous charges using the current account balance option. Miscellaneous charges will not display in the pay by term section.

  • Select the date of your payment. The system allows you to schedule a payment for a future date.
  • Add a memo notation if you wish.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • In the Account Payment Payment Method page, select your desired method in the Payment Method dropdown list.

             Electronic Check (checking or savings) (also known as an ACH or eCheck):  Select this option and click the Select button to enter the bank routing number and bank account number for a checking or savings account. There is no service fee to pay with this payment method.
             To confirm your bank account number, you must enter it in reverse as instructed on the screen.
             Verify the banking information with your bank, enter it accurately in TouchNet, and ensure the funds are in your account before you submit your payment! If your payment is returned by the bank, you may be subject to nonrefundable fees charged by TouchNet, by DelVal, and by your bank.
             You may save your banking information for future payments by checking the "Save this payment method for future use" checkbox and creating a name of your choice for the payment method.

             Credit Card via PayPath: Select this option and click the Select button to pay with a credit or debit card. A 2.75% service fee will be charged to your card by TouchNet, in addition to the amount that you pay on the student's account.

Enroll in a payment plan

On the TouchNet My Account page, select the Payment Plans tab. For more information on enrolling in a payment plan, view our Tuition Payment Plans webpage.

View your eBill

When you receive an email that your eBill has been posted, go to the TouchNet My Account page and select the eStatements tab.

  • "Select the statement to view" dropdown list:  List of your entire eBill history. Select the date for the statement that you wish to view and click the Select button to view a printable statement. You may need to disable your browser's pop-up blocker to view the statement.
  • Most Recent Billing Statement section:  Click on the View link to view the printable statement or on the Pay link to access the Payments tab.
  • Account Activity Since Last Statement section:  Displays transactions that occurred after the eBill was posted.
  • View All Activity button:  Takes you to the Account Activity tab.

For more information on your eBill, go to our Understanding Your eBill webpage.

Set up an authorized user

To allow other individuals to view your real-time account balance, make an online payment on your account, receive eBill notifications, enroll in a payment plan, and receive payment plan installment reminders, you must designate them as authorized users in TouchNet. Go to the TouchNet My Account page and follow the steps below to grant access to parents, grandparents, guardians, spouses, sponsoring third party payers or any other individuals who pay your bills:

  • Select Authorized Users tab.
  • Select Add Authorized User.
  • Enter the preferred email address of the authorized user.
  • Read the two questions and choosing either Yes or No. We highly recommend answering "Yes" to both questions, which will allow full account access.
  • Click Continue.
  • Read the Agreement to Add Authorized User.
  • Select the I Agree check box and click Continue.
  • The authorized user will receive an email notice that he or she has been set up as an authorized user. The email will provide the authorized user with a link to the TouchNet website and a temporary password, along with instructions on how to log in to TouchNet.
    The first time the authorized user logs in to TouchNet, he or she will change the temporary password and enter his or her name.

Set up a direct deposit eRefund account

On the TouchNet My Account page, select the eRefunds tab.

  • Click on the Set up Account button.
  • Enter checking or savings account information, scrolling down to complete all fields and reviewing for accuracy of bank routing number and bank account number (US bank accounts only; eRefunds cannot be deposited into a foreign bank account).
  • In "Save payment method as" field, create a name for the account that will help you to identify it when you view your student account in TouchNet.
  • Click Continue button.
  • Read direct deposit agreement and scroll to bottom of screen. NOTE:  DelVal will never pull eRefund funds out of your bank account. When an eRefund has been deposited into your bank account, it will remain there until you spend the funds.
  • Select the I Agree checkbox and click Continue.
  • Your eRefund account is now set up. TouchNet will attempt to verify the validity of the bank account information within 5 business days.

If you close the bank account that you set up for eRefunds, you are responsible for deleting the invalid account information and entering new banking information.

For more information on eRefunds, go to our Refund Methods webpage.

Opt In to Paper Tuition Statements (Full-Time Undergraduate Day Students only)

DelVal is going green. Tuition bills for full-time undergraduate day students are automatically mailed only twice per year. The first bill of the fall term, which is usually issued in early July, and the first bill of the spring term, which is usually issued in mid-November, will be mailed as paper statements and posted online as eBills. All other statements for months in which a full-time undergraduate day student has a balance will be posted online as eBills only unless the student opts in to paper statements. If you cannot live without paper statements, use the steps below to opt in to paper statements.

  • On the TouchNet My Account page, select the Agreements tab.
  • In the Paperless eBill Options section, select "Yes."

Students enrolled in the Graduate or Continuing and Professional Studies divisions automatically receive paper statements and eBills each month that they have a student account balance. They do not need to opt in to paper statements.