Spring Break with Shakespeare

Mar 27, 2014

Students in the College's Place Studies course toured England and Wales March 7-15 with two Delaware Valley College English department faculty members, Dr. Michael Stamps and Brian Lutz. The group visited various locations of historical or literary significance including: London, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, Tintern Abbey, Stonehenge, and Cardiff. Plans for next year’s Place Studies trip to Paris are already underway!

Place Studies Trip

SUNSET ON THE SALISBURY PLAIN. Students from Delaware Valley College gather in front of one of Stonehenge’s great trilithons during their Spring Break tour of England and Wales (March 7-15, 2014). From left: Richard Lutz, Stephanie Williams '15, Terry Brandt (a continuing education student), Katelyn Lucas '17, Mimi Hanrahan '16, Stephanie Bacon '14, Kirstie Housner '16, Olivia DiBonaventura '16, English faculty member Brian Lutz, Kayla Davies '15, Gina Lutz, Samantha Scott '14, Shelby Rolla '14, and English faculty member Dr. Michael Stamps.