DelVal Honors Staff, Faculty, Administration at Annual Picnic

Jun 03, 2009

Bruce WilsonDelaware Valley College took time today to thank the staff, faculty and administration that put forth their best efforts throughout the year to make DelVal a unique, treasured institution.

Among those honored were those who have dedicated 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and 25+ years of service to the college. Of particular significance was the gratitude bestowed to Bruce Wilson, the John Herbst Memorial Staff Member of the Year. Bruce has served as a Maintenance Mechanic at Delaware Valley College for the past 5 years.

Please feel free to click on the picture to the left or here to view images from the slideshow.

5 Years of Service

Alice Lindy Ratcliffe, Valerie Rice, Edmund Haare, Florence Hilderley, Susan Green, Lyvette Byrd, Alexis Islinger, Joanne Wood, Patrick Kelly, Thomas Kennedy, James Clements, Thomas Knadig, Adam Wichryk, Nancy Schuyler, Tracy Hunt, Cynthia Keler, Elizabeth Kolar, Veronica McGowan, David Snyder, James O'Connor, Brenda Smith, Susan Peterson, Maureen Doyle, Audrey Coulter, Susan Neas-Kuscavage, Richard Kramer

10 Years of Service

Donna McTamney, Denise Schoenewald, Glenn Michalak, Marguerite Cini-Patterson, Robert Rapp

15 Years of Service

George Heffner, Sharon Prudish, Arnulfo Dequito Mendoza, Robert Tasker, Joann Donigan, Benjamin Rusiloski, Linda Fluck, Cynthia Miller, Loretta Fair, Judy Besore

20 Years of Service

Marren Berthold, Isabelita Canete, Rosemary Charles, Janice Haws

25 Years of Service

Frank Massino, Robert Carver, Janet Klaessig

30 Years of Service

Timothy Varacallo, Mary Jane Sergeant

35 Years of Service

Barbara Muse

40 Years of Service

Charlie Weber, George West