DelVal faculty member’s article included in award-winning series

Oct 01, 2014

Delaware Valley College Associate Professor and Animal Biotechnology and Conservation Department Co-Chair Reg Hoyt’s article on the pangolin is included in a “Mammals of Africa,” a book series, which was recently awarded the Dartmouth Medal by the American Library Association.

The Dartmouth Medal, established in 1974, honors the creation of a reference source of “outstanding quality and significance.” The 2014 award is given to the best new reference source published in 2013.

“Mammals of Africa” is the result of 15 years of detailed work and covers every recognized mammalian species in Africa.

In the citation, the American Library Association said of “Mammals of Africa,” “It will serve as a rich source of information and as a baseline for preserving the biodiversity of this great continent. The illustrations, maps, charts and material are all outstanding. This work will be consulted by students and scholars for many years.”

Hoyt’s contribution to the series was a chapter on the giant pangolin, which he coauthored in 2013. The pangolin is a scale-covered mammal, which has a long sticky tongue and feeds on insects. Hoyt was asked to contribute to the endeavor because of his long-term mammal conservation efforts in Liberia, West Africa and his work with pangolins in captivity.

“Mammals of Africa,” which is published by Bloomsbury Publishing, is a six volume series and provides information about 1,160 African mammals. The book includes more than 650 beautiful color illustrations, maps, and useful information about the continent with the largest diversity of mammals in the world. It is the work of more than 350 authors and six editors.