Delaware Valley University Student Shows Dog at Westminster

Feb 12, 2018

Delaware Valley University Student Shows Dog at Westminster

Credit: Delaware Valley University. Barbara Follett ’21 with her dog, Cammy, on Delaware Valley University’s campus.

In between studying for classes Barbara Follett ’21, a Delaware Valley University animal science student, has been preparing to show her dog, Cammy, in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Follett is showing her Otterhound today, Monday, Feb. 12 and was featured on Nat Geo WILD’s “The Road to Westminster,” on Sunday, Feb. 11. 

Follett, who is from Branchburg, New Jersey, started showing dogs when she was 12 and started breeding them professionally by age 15. She has her own breeding business, Four Pillars Otterhounds, which she runs in addition to balancing her courses as an animal science student. Follett is excited to be competing with her Otterhound in this year’s show. 

“I’m looking forward to being really competitive this year,” said Follett. “Cammy is so good this year and we have a lot of momentum.”

As a breeder, Follett enjoys educating the public about the Otterhound, which is an extremely rare breed of dog. 

“There are only about 800 Otterhounds left in the world,” said Follett. “It’s such a different experience working with such a rare breed. I’m the only person breeding these dogs under the age of 50 so, I really am the future.”

Follett finds being an Otterhound breeder rewarding because she gets to be a part of preserving the breed for the next generation.

“They’re irreplaceable,” said Follett. “They have different temperaments than other breeds and losing them would be losing a piece of history.”

When she graduates, Follett wants to continue to run her business, Four Pillars Otterhounds, while pursuing a career as a veterinary reproductive specialist. 

For more on Barbara Follett ’21, watch Nat Geo WILD’s, “The Road to Westminster.”  Follett appears at 27:09 in the episode "Best in Show." A TV provider login is required to view the full episode.