Climate change, green design and technology, fossil fuels, solar roadways and the future of energy

Mar 20, 2014

The 2014 Precarious Alliance Symposium At Delaware Valley College will focus on “Energy In Transition”  and will be held on campus April 2-4.

The symposium will be exploring energy-related issues such as climate change, green design and technology, fossil fuels and renewables, boomtowns and transition towns.  The event includes roundtables, workshops, a plenary panel and three keynote speakers. 

Day 1, Wednesday, April 2, will be highlighted by the screening of the film, “Switch: Discover the Future of Energy.” The director of the film, Harry Lynch will be part of a post-screening panel discussion.

Day 2, Thursday, April 3, will feature one of the three keynote speakers: Dr. Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3, founder and managing partner of Clark Strategic Partners, which focuses on global solutions to climate change, sustainable communities, economics and public policy.  Dr. Clark was one of the contributing scientists to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC), which was the organization awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2007 along with Al Gore. Clark has published seven books on sustainable communities and how to pay for them. He will be speaking on “Global Energy Innovations: the Green Industrial Revolution.”

Several breakout sessions and a plenary panel – “The Future Of Energy…Is Now” will be held throughout the day.

At 5:00 p.m., Bill McKibben – author, environmental activist and founder of will give the second keynote address – “Updates from the Frontlines of the Climate Fight.” Time Magazine called McKibben, “the planet’s best green journalist” and the Boston Globe said in 2010 that he was “probably the country’s most important environmentalist.”

Day 3, Friday, April 4, features keynote speaker Scott Brusaw, president and CEO of Solar Roadways. His company’s primary purpose is to replace petroleum-based asphalt roads and surfaces—whether interstate highways, downtown streets, residential lanes, or dirt and gravel roads—with a series of structurally engineered Solar Road Panels that can be driven on. He will be speaking on – “Solar Roadways: The Road to a Greener Future.”

Since 2010, The Precarious Alliance symposium has brought together academics, educators, business leaders, policymakers, environmental advocates, planners, engineers, attorneys and farmers from around the world to brainstorm issues related to sustainability.

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