Cincinnati Post: Professor Richard Cowhig Gives Poinsettia Advice

Dec 16, 2008

Richard Cowhig, Assistant Professor of Floriculture and Nursery Management in the Natural Resources and Biosystems Management department at Delaware Valley College, recently offered seasonal shoppers his poinsettia advice in the Cincinnati Post. The story has been circulated to over 400,000 readers in seven states.

Read below for a snippet of the story:

"Poinsettias tend to be the most vigorous plants with proper care, lasting in some cases through the summer months," says Richard Cowhig, assistant professor of ornamental horticulture at Delaware Valley College in Pennsylvania.

"Choose a plant with strong, sturdy branching of secondary shoots," adds Cowhig. "There should be leaves down to the soil line, with no leaf yellowing, which can be caused by diseases or poor nutrition."

Keep your poinsettia warm - above 55 degrees Fahrenheit - and in its sleeve until you get it home. Plants will be happiest in a home that's between 60 and 68 degrees; place them away from heat and drafts.

Give them as much light as possible, turning the plant around several times a week. Water uniformly so that a little water runs out the bottom of the pot.