Chinese Researchers Visit Delaware Valley University

Nov 30, 2017

Chinese Researchers Visit Delaware Valley University

Credit: Delaware Valley University. Guests from Huaiyin Institute of Agricultural Sciences with DelVal faculty and administrators.

A delegation of 15 Chinese researchers from the Huaiyin Institute of Agricultural Sciences visited Delaware Valley University’s campus Nov. 28. The group is visiting the United States as guests of the U.S. Department of State in collaboration with Citizen Diplomacy to engage and interact with various American institutions.

The researchers visited to discuss the science of agriculture with DelVal’s faculty. Topics of discussion included modern crop breeding technology, process and management; grain breeding and genetic analysis; weed control and seed breeding; crop pest control; agricultural environmental control; agricultural sustainable development and food security; and soil and water conservation. 
Dr. Ben Rusiloski, interim vice president of academic affairs, and Art Goon, vice president of enrollment management, welcomed the group. The delegation met with Dr. Chris Tipping, interim dean of agriculture and environmental sciences, and DelVal faculty members Dr. Mingwang Liu, Dr. Tom Zhu and Dr. Jay Su. The visitors also toured the University’s campus and facilities.
Dr. Rusiloski is exploring ways for the two institutions to collaborate on academic experiences for students. 

“We are honored to have received an invitation for Delaware Valley University to visit their institution in China,” said Dr. Rusiloski. “Even more exciting is the possibility of exploring internship opportunities for our students that would include both a research component and an international experience.”
Goon said he was pleased to be a part of hosting the group and hopes to host additional international guests in the future. 
“The University welcomes the opportunity to host delegates and visitors from other countries, particularly if they have an interest in our signature academic programs,” said Goon. “We look forward to continuing efforts to be an ambassador for our quality academic programs to the international community.”