Check out some pictures from DelVal’s Halloween Haunting

Oct 23, 2009









Halloween Haunting

Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins took over DelVal for three evenings in October to celebrate this year's Halloween Haunting.

The All Purpose Room and farm areas took on a spooky spin, becoming a ghostly haunted house and a harrowing haunted hayride.  Club members became frighteners and terrified all those who dared to enter.

Accompanied by a guide, students and community members alike braved over 8,000 square feet of terror in the Haunted House.  Once inside, there was no escaping the shocking frights found around each corner.  Many petrified screams were released as guests encountered 14 different spine-chilling scenes including an insane asylum, an emergency room, a gave yard, lost hikers, a mad scientist, clowns, and even scenes from the movie "Signs."

Those who survived were offered refreshments before climbing onto the awaiting hayride.  Once aboard, the guests were driven through frightening fields filled with hellish horrors.  Bodies dropped from trees like leaves and heavy machinery threatened to do damage to those who dared to get too close.  Surviving the 20-minute ride became a badge of honor. 

To ease the experience, guests were treated to a warm cup of hot chocolate and homemade cookies. 

Written by Carolyn Reneski '09