Burpee Foundation provides $75,000 grant for Precarious Alliance symposium ‘Energy in Transition’

Apr 02, 2014

DelVal’s Precarious Alliance symposia series, which looks at sustainability from a different angle each year, received $75,000 in grant support from The Burpee Foundation to help make the event possible.

This year’s event, “Energy in Transition,” is the third in the series and focuses on energy-related issues and the environment. The event opens tonight, April 2 , with a screening of a "Switch" in the Life Sciences Building auditorium.  That will be followed by two conference days featuring top keynote speakers from the field. 

One of the speakers, Dr. Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3, was one of the contributing scientists to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC), which was the organization awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2007 along with Al Gore. Another keynote speaker, author, environmental activist and founder of, Bill McKibben, has been called  “probably the country’s most important environmentalist,” by The Boston Globe.

The event will also bring Scott Brusaw, president and CEO of Solar Roadways, to campus to talk about some innovative technology. Brusaw wants to replace petroleum-based asphalt roads and surfaces—whether interstate highways, downtown streets, residential lanes, or dirt and gravel roads—with a series of structurally engineered Solar Road Panels that can be driven on. Thanks to the Foundation’s generosity the College is able to bring together academics, educators, business leaders, policymakers, environmental advocates, planners, engineers, attorneys and farmers from around the world to discuss solutions to powering our lives in a more sustainable way.

Registration is required. For details and a full event schedule please visit