2 Scared 2B Impaired Scarecrow Contest!

Oct 22, 2009

The U-ChooZe committee is proud to launch the 1st Annual

2 Scared 2B Impaired ScareCrow Contest!

Showcasing making responsible choices regarding alcohol and consequences of drug use

Look for the scarecrows
in and around the Student Center.  
Prizes will be awarded this week.
Congrats to all students who participated!

“Have Courage ~ Don’t Drink and Drive”

The U-ChooZe Committee

Empowering Responsible Choices
Tom Beal, Sharon Donnelly, Audrey Ervin, Linda Fluck, Traci Kaye, Judy Levien, Erica Schwartz, and Jessica Tittermary

Approximately 50 Delaware Valley College students participated in the 1st Annual U~ChooZe Scarecrow contest.  The contest challenged DVC students to encourage each other to not drive impaired and convince their peers that “making smart choices” is an important step to ensuring a good college experience. To accomplish this, the students produced scarecrows directed at their peers to encourage them to think about the consequences regarding using and abusing drugs and alcohol.  They also messaged in their scarecrows designating a driver and not driving impaired.  There were 3 possible prizes: Scariest, Best Message, and Most Original/Creative.  The prize winners for each category won $200 for the individual or group winning each category.
U~ChooZe committee’s mission is to engage students in peer-to-peer messaging, to educated students to promote responsible choices within the Delval community. U~ChooZe also stives to provide fun activities as welll as education on effects of drinking and drug use. They also strive to include members of the surrounding Doylestown and Central Bucks community.
The U~ChooZe committee includes members of the Delval community: Tom Beal (events) Sharon Donnelly, chair (Counseling) Audrey Ervin (Faculty Counseling), Linda Fluck (Security) Traci Kaye (Counseling), Judy Levien (Health Services), Erica Schwartz (Student Life), and Jessica Tittermary (Res. Life)
Judy Levien and Sharon Donnelly also participate in Central Bucks Drug-Free Coalition.  They engage with other members of the community, including the Bucks County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence as well as CB-Cares.  For this scarecrow campaign, Kimberly Cambra of CB-Cares helped to assist students with how to craft and assemble their scarecrows.  The CB Project is a valuable community coalition that allows DVC and other community resources to help the community with taking the message of awareness and responsibility to all levels of Central Bucks.

“Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.”

“Keep your head in the game…Don’t lose it to drugs and alcohol.”

“Don’t do the dirty when you’re drunk and feeling flirty”

“On average, someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 minutes.”

“Drunk driving leads to a DEAD END.”

“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.” ~ V. Lombard

“If I used my brain…”

“Drinking impairs your senses. So STOP and smell the roses.”

“Taking a drink will loosen a link.  Don’t break the chain.”

“Sick 2 UR Stomach.”

“Straight Trippin: A Sloppy Mess.”

“If I Only Had a Brain, I’d Have Take the SEPTA Train"

“Does drinking REALLY make you look cool?”

“Drink, Drive, Get SMASHED.”

“Drunk driving costs more than an arm and a leg.”

Kimberly Cambra of CB-Cares and Central Bucks Drug-Free Coalition explaining how to make a scarecrow.