Book Requests

Contact: Peter Kupersmith, Director

New book title suggestions are welcome and can be sent by email or office mail. If you see a book review in a personal journal, please send a copy of the page with your request. Include basic information like author, title, publisher and, if available, the price and ISBN number.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Requests

Contact: Karen Thomas, Access Services Librarian

Please include as much information as possible about the book or article in question. The Library belongs to a nation-wide consortium, OCLC, with reciprocal borrowing privileges so we have access to most items.

Library Instruction

Contact: Janet Klaessig, Electronic Services Librarian

The library has an active and flexible instructional program. We customize presentations to individual classes and assignments providing sessions at the library, in computer classrooms or in your classroom. Please call at least a week ahead to schedule a session.  We use LibGuides, a software package, to create websites that focus on specific assignments or topics for classroom instruction.  View an example.  We would be happy to create a LibGuide for your class, whether you request a library presentation or not.

Paper Reserves

Contact: Karen Thomas, Distance Learning and Graduate Librarian

You may place your own materials or selected library materials on reserve so that they are available for your whole class to use. Choose a variety of circulation times, from two hours to two weeks.

Questions about Distance Learning and Graduate Studies

Contact: Elise Georgulis, Access Services Librarian