Basic Book Citation

Name. Title. Location: Publisher name, date of publication.

Bevington, David M. Shakespeare. Malden: Blackwell, 2002. Print.

Book with two or more authors

Names are listed in order they are found on title page.

Evans, Robert C., Wiedemann, Barbara, Little, Anne C. Short Fiction: a Critical Companion.
     West Cornwall: Locust Hill, 1997. Print.

Book with editor

Tannen, Deborah, and James E. Alatis, eds. Languages and Linguistics.
      Washington: Georgetown UP, 1996. Print.

Journal (scholarly) article

Author's name. "Title of the Article." Journal title volume number (year of publication):
     inclusive page numbers.  Print.

Boulanger, Alison. "Influence or Confluence: Joyce, Eliot or Cohen and the Case for Comparative
     Studies." Comparative Literature Studies 39 (2002): 18-48.  Print.

Magazine article

Author's name. "Title of the article." Journal title date: inclusive pages.

Koretz, Gene. "Equality? Not on Death Row: Politics, Age, Race, and Sex
      Count."  Business Week 30 June 2003: 28. Print.

Reprinted sources

Such as book chapters reprinted in a Gale compilation such as CLC (Contemporary Literary Criticism) or Black Literature Criticism

Bigsby, C.W. E. "Lorraine Hansberry." Confrontation and Commitment: A Study of
     Contemporary American Drama, 1959-66. University of Missouri Pr. 1968. 156-73. Rpt.
     in Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Roger Matuz. Vol. 62. Detroit: Gale, 1991. Print.

Journal articles

Reprinted in a compilation such as CLC or Black Literature Criticism

Washington, J. Charles. " 'A Raisin in the Sun' Revisited." Black American Literature  Forum.
     22 (1988): 109-124. Rpt. in Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Roger Matuz. Vol.
     62. Detroit: Gale, 1991. 242-248. Print.
For more information and examples, see MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed.

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