Primary Functions

The Resident Assistant will

  • Become acquainted with each resident on the floor/building
  • Initiate contact with students who need help or support
  • Be available and accessible to students

To Manage and Facilitate Groups

  • Conduct regular floor meetings with residents to discuss and explain policies, issues and groups concerns
  • Encourage and support group activities of the floor, within the hall and between halls
  • Communicate with the Office of Resident Life/Student Affairs Staff
  • Provide leadership displaying enthusiasm and a positive attitude toward group activities

To Facilitate Programs to Promote the Growth and Development of Students

  • Initiate a variety of programs for the floor/building. Each RA is responsible for a minimum number of programs each month as outlined by the Office of Residence Life
  • Encourage and participate in activities that will promote greater unity among residents of the hall and contribute to a sense of community and belonging

To Keep Students Informed and, When Necessary, Direct them to Appropriate Direct them to Appropriate Referral Sources

  • Be readily accessible to students and accepting of their questions, particularly during times of the year that generate more concerns (registration, room selection, final exams etc.)
  • Be familiar with campus personnel, resources, and procedures and the changes made to them
  • Read and post all information of interest to students

To Maintain an Orderly and Reasonable Quiet Environment

  • Explain residence hall emergency procedures to the floor/building
  • Respond to all emergency or problematic situations in the residence hall
  • Encourage group responsibility for the safety of residents
  • Enlist the help of all residents in establishing and maintaining quiet hours and other conditions that enhance a responsible living environment
  • Provide duty coverage for the building on a rotating basis with other RAs, as outlined by your Area Coordinator (AC)

To Explain and Enforce Policies and Procedures as Outline in the Student Handbook

  • Set an example by adhering to Federal and State Laws and the rules and regulations of the College as outlined by the handbook without bias
  • Know, explain and interpret DelVal college rules and regulations to students without bias
  • Enforce all policies in a consistent, fair and objective manner
  • Document all violations as appropriate in all related manners and report to the Area Coordinator on call by 10:00 a.m. the next business day
  • Maintain confidentiality as appropriate in all related manners

In addition to the Primary Functions previously noted, the RA will assume the following duties and responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in Fall Training, Winter Training and In-Service sessions throughout the academic year
  • Attend and participate in all staff meetings
  • Accept responsibility for duty
  • Be available and accept responsibility for all hall openings at the beginning of each semester and hall closings at the end of each semester
  • Post all pertinent information in a timely manner
  • Report incidents promptly and accurately
  • Report work orders promptly and accurately
  • Distribute, collect and assist in the completion of forms and surveys etc. from the Office of Residence Life and the Student Affairs Office
  • Assist in the staff selection process for the following academic year
  • Open all doors for students who are locked out of their rooms
  • Complete all paperwork promptly and accurately in accordance with the request of professional staff members
  • Keep your AC informed of floor activities, problems and concerns
  • Assume other responsibilities as designated by the AC or Student Affairs Staff in order to promote an environment conducive to student development
  • Check mailboxes, DelVal Email (all RAs are required to set up and use) and messages daily
  • Call in for Duty to both the AC on call and Security Office at least 5 minutes before the start of duty
  • RAs are responsible for requesting and reporting absences to their AC in a timely manner whether on or off duty
  • RAs must accept responsibilities during special events including, but not limited to, the following: Family Day, Homecoming and A-Day.
  • RAs must maintain a good academic standing of a 2.5 cumulative and 2.25 each semester of their employment.

Special Notes

  • RAs who have student teaching/internships/study abroad trips need to be aware of the unique time and scheduling difficulties involved with both responsibilities. The RA's decision to participate in these opportunities should be discussed with their Area Coordinator before signing any contract.
  • RAs must serve in the residence hall assigned.
  • RAs must be enrolled as full time students (12 or more credits).
  • When an RA terminates his/her employment, does not renew their appointment or is terminated by the Office of Residence Life, he/she is no longer permitted to live in the building in which he/she was employed as an RA.

Requirements for RAs

  • RAs are not to undertake the responsibility of any other job, on or off campus, without prior approval from the Area Coordinator or the Director of Residence Life.



  • Remuneration for first year RAs is equal to the cost of your room plus $1200 (approximately $70.58 gross every 2 weeks) for the academic year. If assuming an RA position after the academic year has begun, remuneration will be pro-rated. The RA will be responsible for any other charges associated with being a full-time student at DelVal.