Delaware Valley University’s Intramurals and Campus Recreation hosted its newly remodeled Intramural Basketball League. The league that lasted 6 weeks started on February 19 and a champion was crowned on April 4. The basketball league was open to all Delaware Valley University students. Nearly 90 students participated in this league. 

Intramurals invites all students with various physical abilities to play sports and activities. Intramurals provides many benefits such as the ability to meet new people, get exercise, and problem solve just to name a few. Intramural participant Jaier Garrett stated, “The Intramurals program provides fun and excitement to the college campus. It gives me a chance to hang with my friends but also meet new people. Intramurals allows me to stay in shape. Sometimes college can be stressful studying for exams and learning new material. Intramurals provides me with a place to relax from the pressures of the classroom. I will always play intramurals!”

Students at Delaware Valley University enjoy watching Intramural contests as much as they enjoy playing in the games. Delaware Valley University student Roney Lu made this statement about the Intramural program. “Intramurals provides entertainment to students who are not playing in the league by watching other students engage in extracurricular activities. It is nice to see other students gathering to support other students during their Intramural contests. Overall, the students who participate in the Intramural program are coming together to have fun.

The Intramural program is designed to challenge students mind, body, and spirit. This year’s basketball champions were challenged but did not lose the championship game. Team name “Swish Squad” had to win 6 playoff games to win the Intramural Basketball League. The benefits that this year’s champions have gained during this process to become champs is numerous. 

After the championship game of the Intramural Basketball League, the Coordinator of Intramurals, Pete Vincent stated; “Thanks to all of the Students who participated in the league and thanks to all the students that watched other students compete. I can see the continuous support that students at Delaware Valley University have for one another.”