Challenge your mind, spirit and body by participating in intramurals

Student Involvement is proud to introduce it's newest program, Intramural and Campus Recreation. The goals of this program are to provide students with an enriched experience in the world of recreation. Students have the opportunity to engage in activities that will challenge their mind, spirit and body.

Intramural games and activities are mostly played during the week between the hours of 4 p.m. to midnight. Depending on the sports and/or activities the start and end time will change. All of the games will be scheduled through an online site called IMLeagues. Students will use the same log-in information they use to sign in to myDelVal. For information on how to sign-on using your Delaware Valley University credentials please follow the directions below.

How to Participate in Intramurals:

1. Go to the site
2. Click Login located at the top of the page
3. The site will redirect you so you can use your Delaware Valley University credentials to sign in
    individual sport:
    · Click the "Delaware Valley University" link under your name
    · Click the Sport you wish to join (listing displayed towards the
      bottom of the screen)
    · Choose the league and division
    · You can finalize in one of three ways: Create a Team; Join a
      Team; Join as a Free Agent

Intramurals events in the Spring:

For more information contact Campus Rec at