Logan Hall '14, the student who started this campaign,  believes a school is the "perfect environment to build the strongest community of advocates for change."

He wants to see people stop making quick generalizations and really get to know each other and, he wants to challenge students across the country to stand up and join him. Logan is hoping to spread the Stop the Stereotypes campaign to schools across the nation. We’re ready for positive social change, are you in?

Tools and Resources Kit:

Poster template: Add a photo of your student (s) to this template and personalize your headlines for your community. We suggest doing five different posters challenging different stereotypes that are common in your community.

To Do List: The steps you will need to take to launch a similar campaign in your community.

Download the Stop the Stereotypes Tools and Resources Kit

Use this art to order buttons to have at your campaign launch event:

Respect All People button art

To learn more, or, to request to use the Stop the Stereotypes logo and campaign concept on your campus contact:

Annmarie Ely
Media Relations and Publications Coordinator
The Office of Marketing and Communications