Stop the Stereotypes

Stop the Stereotypes Poster Campaign
At Delaware Valley College we look beyond the stereotype to the real person. We value individuals, their ideas and their differences and we come together to see beyond boxes and generalizations. So, when you meet someone, avoid making assumptions and instead, ask about what you don’t know.

Logan Hall '14, started this college-sponsored poster campaign because he is passionate about creating social change. The campaign features DelVal students challenging a variety of stereotypes. Posters are displayed all over campus and available online for students to download and print. Please join us in starting some important conversations. Sponsors include: Stop the Hate, Student Affairs, Marketing and Communications, and Allure West Studios in Doylestown.

Download the Posters:

"Reaching high expectations on the field AND in the classroom"

"Are you attracted to all women? Right, so what makes you think I am attracted to all men?"

"Agriculture has many looks"

"Women's rights are important to me because my mom is my hero"

"Tired of hearing, 'What sport do you play? I play biology."

Bring the campaign to your campus

DelVal provides tools and resources to help other schools personalize this campaign for their own communities. 

To learn more, or, to request to use the Stop the Stereotypes logo and campaign concept on your campus contact:

Annmarie Ely
Media Relations and Publications Coordinator
The Office of Marketing and Communications