To create the most valuable Greek life experience possible the Inter-Greek Council and Delaware Valley College have created some guidelines and policies for every chapter and their members to follow.

The four most important polices and guidelines are:

  1. Hazing in any form is strictly prohibited. No chapter, organization, club, or student should be participating in any hazing activity whether on or off campus. It is important to note that both the DelVal Hazing Policy and Pennsylvania Hazing Law do not exempt the hazee's willingness to be hazed as an excuse. It is still considered hazing if the person being hazed is willingly allowing and going along with the hazing activity. Punishment for any chapter and students involved in any hazing activities is severe and punishable under Pennsylvania. law.
  2. Any student wishing to join a chapter must have a minimum 2.25 GPA and must maintain a semesterly GPA of a 2.25. Any student who does not meet the minimum 2.25 GPA can not join any chapter and any active brother or sister who obtains a semester GPA below a 2.25 is put on automatic probation. If an active member obtains a semester GPA below 2.25 for two consecutive semesters they are immediately suspended from their chapter and will not be allowed to participate in any and all chapter activities until their grades significantly increase. All Greek potential new members (commonly know as "rushes") and current active members grades are checked at the end of each semester. (Please note that individual chapters may have higher GPA requirements for membership)
  3. Because of the commitment of joining a Greek chapter any students interested in taking part in any chapter's new member education program (commonly known as "pledging") must have at least 12 credits. Credits are checked before any membership bids are given out.
  4. The new member education process (commonly know as "rush" and "pledging" activities) are alcohol and substance free. Alcohol is not to be consumed at any new member education activity by any potential new member or active brother/sister; regardless if they are of legal drinking age.