Welcome to Delaware Valley College! Your student’s years in college will include many different and exciting experiences. As a college, we believe that getting involved with student groups and activities provides excellent and unique opportunities for students to develop into better leaders, individuals and members of the community. We hope that you would encourage your student to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities provided.

Nationwide, there has been a refocused effort on Greek Life to throw off the often tarnished image that you may have experienced at college or heard about through friends, media, movies, and T.V. shows.  We believe that Greek Life at Delaware Valley College is quite different from that portrayed by the media and hope that you would support your student should they decide to explore Fraternity and Sorority Life at DelVal.

For the last 20 years, Fraternity and Sorority Life at Delaware Valley College has offered students the chance to develop themselves and become better men and women. We are  continuing this tradition and modernizing our Greek Life system to focus on the 4 pillars of Greek Life, scholarship, leadership, service and brotherhood/sisterhood.

The DelVal Greek Community is currently comprised of seven chapters, which, combined, make up 10-15% of the undergraduate student population. Each of these chapters have their own individual flair but live by the 4 pillars and are assisted in their pursuit by faculty and staff advisors and the Student Involvement Office.

Understanding the importance of academic achievement, all chapters provide structured study hours for their new members. Consistently achieving a GPA higher than non-Greek students, Delaware Valley College’s Fraternity & Sorority Community was recently recognized with the National Gamma Sigma Alpha Scholastic Recognition Award for the Northeast region of the United States.

Each chapter’s new member program is planned and submitted in writing to the Office of Student Activities. All chapters are required to initiate their new members no more than six weeks after the process starts. DelVal and all of our Chapters recognize that hazing has no place in pledging or chapter membership and work to create a positive, fun and safe experience for all members. Any form of physical or mental hazing is prohibited by Delaware Valley College, Fraternity and Sorority Headquarters and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and will be dealt with in conjunction with state and local laws. In addition, the use of alcohol is not permitted at any new member activity regardless if the participants are of legal drinking age.

Should you want to learn more about the Fraternity & Sorority Community at Delaware Valley College, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Involvement at 215.489.4129.