About Greek Life at Delaware Valley College

Fraternities and sororities have been a Delaware Valley College tradition for over 25 years. Maintaining an academic record above the all-student average, Fraternities and sororities are committed to academic achievement while offering unique opportunities for leadership development, career networking, academic success and life-long friendships.

We encourage you to think past any ideas or perceptions you may have from movies, stories or the media and check out fraternity and sorority life for yourself. You may find that fraternity and sorority life is quite the opposite of what you thought!

Inter-Greek Council (ICG)

IGC is the governing organization that oversees DelVal's seven chapters and reports directly to the Student Government Board. IGC oversees all matters Greek including rules and regulations for new and active members, planning and running the annual Greek Week competition, and helping each chapter be successful in their efforts to conform to the 4 Pillars of Greek Life.