Motto: Engage. Learn. Succeed.

Philosophy: The EMERGE Success Program

The Delaware Valley College EMERGE Success Program network of services enhances the college learning experience through a variety of best practices with a demonstrated positive impact on student success. Embracing the philosophy that “all learning is developmental,” Delaware Valley College proposes to create a support structure designed to foster academic and personal success.

The EMERGE Student Success Program operates on two underlying principles that govern its diverse activities: an unfailing respect for each student and a pledge to offer the best service available to assist each student in their growth.  The EMERGE Success Program will strategically design a curriculum for every stage of the learning process: knowledge-building, application, analysis, and evaluation. The EMERGE Success Program embodies the transformation that each student will participate in with regard to their success at the College. This acknowledges that students, at any level and in any discipline, should have the opportunity to acquire learning tools that they need to succeed in any learning situation; to achieve a measure of confidence in their learning ability; to have material presented in their own learning styles; and to develop the skills to become life-long learners.

EMERGE is a supportive model that helps integrate a young adult into the Delaware Valley College community and help them create their own success plan.  Part of what makes EMERGE an attractive offering is that is a “program that is not a program”. Students who participate in the program have a choice regarding the resources that they would like to explore. A student may engage in a life coaching workshop to include such topics as student involvement, stress management, career development, communication and relationships, financial responsibilities, or alcohol awareness.  They will participate in the academic tutoring sessions that include such areas as biology, chemistry, math, English, natural science, or computer technology.  A student will also opt to participate in group discussions regarding the challenges of being a college student.  These sessions would be moderated by a first year advisor and orientation leaders.  These sessions would allow the students to, ultimately, find resources within their peer group to assist them in critically assessing their options and their ultimate success plan.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to work with the program advisors to create their own very individualized success plan. The ultimate goal of EMERGE is to help the student learn to navigate the college environment and ultimately support their success with a minimum level of supervision and support.