Program for Academic Readiness (PAR) provides students with the courses necessary to begin work in the fall at a college level. Students will be placed in two credit-bearing college classes, that are required for students who need extra help in English (writing and reading) and math. This curriculum maximizes students' success as they transition to DelVal. Additionally, students attend a weekly advising seminar designed to facilitate their successful navigation of faculty expectations and university culture.

What courses will I take?
Students are placed in two courses. All PAR coursework, units and grades will be included on your DelVal transcript.

PAR courses offer the following advantages:

  • Requirements fulfilled: courses satisfy requirements 
  • Adjunct discussions and workshops: all courses have structured time each week where students work in groups with their own personal discussion or workshop leader to improve comprehension and mastery of course material
  • Relationship with instructors and support staff: all courses have both an instructor and trained student support staff who build a close, coaching relationship with each student in order to optimize their skills in reading, writing, computation, and oral presentation
  • Study strategies: all courses include instructional time focused on the development of College-level study strategies
  • Academic support: many courses have a joint tutoring program that students can utilize for assistance with mastering challenging course concepts and material

How are my two courses selected for me?
The PAR Placement Committee will place you in your two courses. They will review your high school academic record and will consider many factors in choosing your courses:

  • Your intended majors or academic interests 
  • Your SAT scores in each category
  • Your math placement exam score (administered during June orientation)
  • Other factors from your DelVal application

The Placement Committee will place you in two courses that will be at the right level of difficulty for you, chosen to challenge you appropriately and to further your academic goals.

When will I find out what courses I am taking?
You will find out which courses you have been placed in upon your arrival to campus. Additionally, PAR staff will host an information table during lunch on the first day of each June Orientation program. Make sure to visit the table because we need to talk with you about your Summer Bridge information.

What happens in the weekly workshops?
These workshops are designed to facilitate the successful navigation of faculty expectations and college culture for newly admitted freshmen. Workshop time is devoted to:

  • Demystifying what is expected of students in College-level classes
  • Understanding which resources best provide for a smooth transition into DelVal
  • Navigating the various policies and procedures for which students are expected to be responsible
  • How to build strong relationships with faculty, advisers and other students
  • The formation of a close, collaborative learning community

What type of academic support is available?
Each course taught features small, adjunct discussion sections and/or workshops; close, coaching relationships between students and their instructors and/or trained student support staff; and instructional time focused on College-level study strategies. Many courses also have a joint tutoring program that students can utilize for assistance with mastering challenging course concepts and material. Additionally, PAR provides a broad range of drop-in academic programming throughout the four weeks, such as college advising sessions, workshops, and building relationships with faculty.