Program for Academic Readiness (PAR) at Delaware Valley College is a four-week rigorous academic residential program that facilitates the transition of students from high school to the College. Students will find PAR essential to their successful transition to DelVal as it will prepare students for college-level academics in English and mathematics.

PAR cultivates a diverse community of scholars and prepares them to engage actively with and meet the challenges of a small private College. The program supports students by providing:

  • A stimulating and challenging academic experience in two core subjects
  • Personalized, comprehensive advising and tutoring
  • An intellectually and socially enriching residential experience

Program Features

  • 20-25 students, from various backgrounds, participate in the program.
  • Participants are enrolled in two intensive academic courses with additional support for success.
  • All students live together in a residence hall, which facilitates the formation of a supportive community and network of friends.

Program Benefits

By attending PAR, students

  • Get a jump start on their college career
  • Fulfill college and major requirements
  • Better understand faculty expectations and college culture
  • Establish relationships with academic counselors and advisers
  • Become familiar with the DelVal campus
  • Learn to optimize campus resources
  • Build a supportive network of faculty, staff and peers that extends throughout their tenure at DelVal

PAR is offered at NO COST to qualifying students. A deposit is required, but will be applied toward fall bill upon the successful completion of the program.