Academic Year 2013-14

  • Tuition is $508 per credit for students taking courses in the Evening and Weekend Colleges. 
  • Part-time students wishing to take day courses may do so at a rate of $850 per credit
  • Students enrolled through the Evening College who enroll in 12 or more credits in a term will be charged $850 per credit for all credits taken, regardless of time frame (day or evening). 
  • Day students who, with special permission, enroll in a Weekend College course will be charged $850 per credit in addition to day tuition, except during Term 4, when Summer tuition rates will be charged and a maximum of 3 credits may be taken.
  • The Lab/Computer Fee for lab courses and certain computer courses (marked by an "*" in the schedule) is $80 per lab.
  • The Distance Education Fee for online courses is $102 per course.

*Rates are subject to change.