Science Behind Nature (ages 10-13, July 24-28)

Nature detectives… Discover! Observe! Investigate! Explore! Ever wonder what’s under that rock, and why it lives where it does? In this ecology and geology camp, your child will experience firsthand nature’s wonders on campus and in local parks, and uncover clues to our environment and the animals that live there. Campers solve challenges, learn environmental concepts, practice outdoor skills and spend the week immersed in nature. The group will be hiking and exploring ecosystems as we walk in streams, investigate macroinvertebrates, observe wetlands and explore local habitats. Campers will meet with a state game commission officer, and have the opportunity to meet native wild animals, such as the timber rattlesnake, or even the bog turtle.

$259 program cost + $50 fee

About the Instructor

Mandy Fellouzis, an agriculture and environmental science educator, a National Board Certified teacher with a B.S. in education and a master's in leadership education, brings a wealth of hands-on experiences into the classroom.

Fellouzis is an instructor at DelVal where she teaches students in wildlife, zoo science and animal science majors how to prepare and present traveling educational programs that meet Common Core, STEM, Next Generation Science and State Standards. She also teaches at the Fox Chase Farm, a demonstration farm a part of the Philadelphia School District.

Fellouzis worked within the agri-marketing industry for more than a decade before teaching. Over the last 10 years, she has been teaching agriculture education to inner city students. Today, you will find her developing university students into environmental educators, and working with school teachers from around the Philadelphia School District, teaching them how to implement agriculture and environmental education into their classrooms. Fellouzis is very passionate about teaching students through exciting hands-on learning opportunities that will engage all levels of learners.

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