Lettuce Grow Using Hydroponics (ages 10-13, June 26-30)


Meet the world of hydroponic growing methods! Participants will learn about hydroponics from seed to harvest using hands-on classroom, lab and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities. Participants will also make use of our commercial hydroponic greenhouse facilities that supply fresh vegetables to the Levin Dining Hall on campus. Participants will learn about hydroponic system designs and functionality including NFT systems, Dutch bucket systems, vertical tower systems as well as aquaponics. Other topics include plants grown using hydroponics, the history and future of hydroponics, as well as greenhouse management and day-to-day activities involved with running a hydroponic growing facility. Classroom sessions will relate directly to the hands-on portion later that day. Participants will learn seeding techniques using vacuum seeders, transplanting into the hydroponic systems, maintaining plants, and ultimately the harvest and post-harvest handling techniques. Participants will be introduced to plant nutrition, integrated pest management (IPM), monitoring of plant health and fish care in aquaponics. At the conclusion of the program, students will take home lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant and other crops grown using hydroponics.
$259 program cost + $50 fee

About the Instructor

Chris Filling is the hydroponic greenhouse manager at DelVal. He holds an A.A.S. in horticulture technology from Northern Virginia Community College and his B.S. in plant science with a hydroponic specialization from Delaware Valley University. Chris brings with him more than six years of hydroponic growing and management experience. He is originally from Virginia, where he worked for several years at TrueFarms, a commercial hydroponic greenhouse supplying Whole Foods, Giant, Harris Teeter and several other grocery outlets. Before working at TrueFarms, Chris was a produce manager/trainer at Food Lion. Chris also attended several hydroponic grower sessions including those offered by CropKing, FarmTek, as well as Indoor AgCon, an annual event for hydroponic growers from around the world. He is extremely passionate about hydroponics and loves to share this with the next generation of growers.

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