In a competitive marketplace, a professional with a high degree of specialization and training has an advantage for career growth and success. At DelVal, we have been providing excellence in education for adult students for years.

We foster the educational development and professional training and make it easy for you to  start or continue to earn your degree, making you a more marketable professional.

Top 10 Reasons to Earn Your Degree

  1. Earning your degree can put more opportunities within reach – advancement, a new position or entry into an entirely new profession.
  2. Because you can make your parents proud at any age… and be a role model for your children.
  3. You can now learn on your terms. Higher education has more options than ever for adult students: day, evening, online, full-time and part-time.
  4. Discover personal and/or professional enrichment.
  5. If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, it’s taking up space on your bucket list. Cross it off so you can move on to the next challenge.
  6. A college degree is a credential by itself, and it can help validate what you already know from professional and life experiences. Both together are powerful tools.
  7. Increase your earning potential.
  8. If you are looking for change, your process must include thinking differently. Continuing your education will develop and expand your critical thinking processes.
  9. The flexibility in course offering and format makes a four-year degree more attainable.
  10. You are making an investment in yourself.