CLR is an independently governed element of Delaware Valley College, which provides members of the over-55 community with opportunities for personal growth through learning. For nearly 26 years, CLR has provided peer-led classes in the arts, humanities, sciences and recreational activities. This semester, more than 500 people are participating in our program, which offers 43 classes in subjects ranging from astronomy to genealogy and from the Pharaohs to contemporary issues.

Spring 2015 Schedule

Date Event Location
Thursday, January 9, 11:30 a.m. Spring Semester Registration Student Center
Friday, January 22 Faculty Meeting TBD
Friday, January 31 First Day of Classes Alumni House
Monday, February 17 Holiday (no classes)
Monday-Friday, March 10-14 Spring Break (no classes)
Friday, April 18 Holiday (no classes)
Friday, April 25 A-Day (no classes)
Thursday, May 1 Spring Luncheon Student Center
Friday, May 2 Last Day of Classes Alumni House

CLR Moving Forward

At the CLR fall luncheon, members of the board made a presentation entitled CLR Moving Forward, which discussed current CLR registration, the student population and plans for the future.


CLR classes are held in Alumni House, located just inside the entrance to Delaware Valley College near the intersection of E. Butler Ave. (Old Rte 202) and Alumni Lane. Follow signs for parking.