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What Majors You’ll Find in the Three Undergraduate Schools at Delval


Posted on August 4, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

Delaware Valley University is home to three undergraduate schools, which offer various, diverse majors and minors available to our students. These three schools are designed to give you a complete education and the knowledge to succeed in your particular passion or field of study. 

To give you an understanding of the different majors and fields of study you can focus on during your time here at DelVal, we’re giving you a glimpse into what our schools can offer you. 

School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
DelVal’s School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences teaches students about two of the most important issues today: food and the environment. Graduates from this school should desire to solve the challenges related to these two areas. By incorporating real-world experiences into the classroom for all its majors, DelVal provides students with the unique learning environments of farms, animals, greenhouses, and the open spaces of our world. 

In the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, students will find majors such as the following:

·         Agribusiness

·         Environmental science

·         Equine management

·         Food science

·         Landscape architecture

·         Turf management

School of Business and Humanities
The newest school at DelVal, the School of Business and Humanities incorporates a comprehensive curriculum designed to challenge our students. Rather than lecturing our students, our professors will teach students through engagement in order to mold minds into lifelong learners, successful workers, and engaged citizens. You’ll receive a career-based education as we communicate with employers to find out what they’re looking for in new hires and then transfer that to our course design. 

In this school, students will find majors such as:

·         Business administration

·         Counseling psychology

·         Criminal justice administration

·         Literary studies

·         Media and communication

·         Secondary education

School of Life and Physical Sciences
DelVal’s School of Life and Physical Sciences is designed to help students see how our world’s understanding of science is constantly expanding. Through our passionate faculty and diverse set of courses, students learn how to solve real-world issues and are prepared for careers that will deliver personal satisfaction, impact the greater good, and make a positive difference. 

To embody that mantra, DelVal has renovated and improved the laboratories and classrooms within the School of Life and Physical Science to create the proper education environment. 

Within the School of Life and Physical Science, students will find majors such as:

·         Biology

·         Chemistry

·         Conservation and wildlife management

·         Small animal science

·         Zoo science

When you examine the different majors that you can focus your studies on at DelVal, you find a comprehensive education platform that covers a wide range of industries and programs. No matter which school you enroll in, you’ll graduate as a well-rounded individual who’s ready for a career in a particular field of study that you’re passionate about.

You can learn more about the different schools at DelVal when you visit our campus by scheduling a campus tour