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How to Transfer Summer Course Credits from Delaware Valley


Posted on June 11, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

With Delaware Valley University’s summer courses, students have the opportunity to further their education and earn credits toward graduation outside the standard school semesters. Summer courses allow students to catch up on their graduation credits as well as get ahead. And if you’re coming home to eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey for the summer from your current college or university, you too can take advantage of DelVal’s summer courses. 

Because DelVal makes it easy for students from neighboring colleges and universities to transfer credits, you can take advantage of DelVal’s summer courses no matter what school you’re enrolled in. Read on to learn more about how you can transfer summer course credits from DelVal.

Choose from Diverse Course Offerings

Because DelVal’s summer courses span a variety of different disciplines, it’s easy for students of neighboring colleges or universities to find a course that can work toward their graduation requirements. You’ll have the opportunity to register for classes in departments such as:

·         Biology

·         Business Administration

·         Chemistry

·         Education

·         English

·         Liberal Arts

·         Mathematics and Physics

Instead of waiting to take these courses when you’re back at your current institution, you can sign up for a DelVal summer course that applies to your major requirement and take it over the summer so you can get it out of the way before heading back for your fall semester.

Fill Out a Visiting Student Registration Form
If you’re a student from a neighboring college or university and have found a course that’s offered through DelVal’s summer program, your next step will be to fill out a Visiting Student Registration form.

The Visiting Student Registration form is how you register for your credits to be transferred. Along with your basic information, you’ll need to fill out your primary college or university and identify which DelVal summer course you plan on enrolling in. 

You’ll also need to select during which summer term you want to take your class. DelVal offers three different term options. You can take an extended 12-week summer term or choose between one of two separate six-week terms.

Complete Your Course
For your credits from your DelVal summer courses to transfer to your current institution, you must succeed in the class you enrolled in. While it’s not mandatory that you get an A+ in the class, unless you’re taking it for GPA reasons, you need a passing grade in order for the credits to transfer to your current school and work toward your graduation requirements.

Instead of slouching around at home this summer, you can be proactive and sign up for one of DelVal’s many summer courses. You’ll stay busy, give your brain a workout, and earn credits that can easily be transferred to your home college or university. And all you’d need to sacrifice is one six-week or 12-week term.

If you’re interested in learning more about DelVal’s summer courses, you can request more information about the summer programs and view the summer schedule of classes.