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Most Important Questions to Ask on a College Visit


Posted on January 19, 2015 by Delaware Valley College.

Visiting a college is exciting, but it also can be overwhelming to learn so much information from your tour guide over a short period of time. That’s why it’s beneficial to make a list of the most important questions to ask when you’re visiting a college. Prepare your list before you leave for your visit and bring it with you so you won’t forget your questions.

How safe is the campus?
It’s crucial to find out whether your campus is safe, with low crime rates and security guards located all over campus. Ask about the campus security as well as any security systems the college might have in place to keep outsiders from entering dorms. 

Your safety is always important, so don’t settle for a college where you may feel like you’re in danger.

What health services are available to students?
Most colleges have a health center where you can go when you’re sick. They typically have doctors on campus who will evaluate you and prescribe medicine based on your illness. Find out all you can about the health center during your college visit and ask whether you can check it out while you’re there. You want to make sure that the health center is a reputable establishment that provides comprehensive services. Being sick while you’re away from home isn’t fun, so it’s important that you’ll be taken care of while at college.

 What does the college do to help students or graduates find jobs? You’re going to college to get an education that will prepare you for a career, so find out what your college does to help students or graduates find jobs. If the college has a great system in place and works with various organizations to help students find jobs, you can feel confident getting a job with this assistance. If there isn’t a program like this or it doesn’t seem helpful, you should look in another direction since this is an important part of your college career. 

What kind of clubs and activities are offered?
Finding out about the campus isn’t just strictly business; you want to know how much fun you’ll have when you’re not in class. Ask about the clubs and organizations as well as student life in general. You may even be able to see some students participating in activities during your college visit.

Ask these questions during your college visit to find out if the institution is a good fit for your goals and expectations. But ultimately the most important question you must ask is one you ask yourself: Do I like it here? If you feel comfortable and excited during your college visit, you may have found the right college for you.